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The winery facts

Vingaarden anno 2012

Vingaarden anno 2012

The farm buildings are grouped around 500 square feet in ground plan. Of these approximately 130 square meters residential. A large garden is the setting around the yard with lawns, flowers, shrubs and old trees.

A piece of land is available as a vegetable garden, where various herbs can be freely used by tenants for cooking during your stay. Just as there may be an opportunity to buy fresh farm eggs from the farm’s former owner, who runs the place chicken farm.
Vineyard’s total area is now about 4 acres of land located south of the yard – the area between the buildings and about 250 meters to shore.

Vineyard guests have permission to use the total area of transportation and other general use – it means that guests have direct access to fields and secluded beach – and gorgeous bathing a short stroll from the house.

The vineyard is located about halfway between the property itself and the beach. The first plant was set up four years ago and the year after, the rest of the area planted – a total of 550 vines in the ground. In two years the field has made a small profit which has been shown that there is (also) to produce wine in the fields of Aero. The grapes are both red and white – Rondo, Solaris, etc. – And the famous double Michelin restaurant Noma has just taken red wine made ​​from Rondo grape on the wine list.
Bålpladsen Stranden med klinten Færgen
Previously, all the properties in the area of small farms or smallholdings with all traditional forms of livestock – horses, cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, etc.. The time is past – but two of the neighboring properties have horses and a special long-haired breed of beef cattle.